Dream Living

I am always longing to go outside with my loved ones, to witness the season's offerings. It takes time, gathering subject matter for my art, and contemplating possibilities.

Living in California's fertile valley, where the wetlands attract thousands of migratory birds, the landscape is easy to get lost in. The street we live on leads to an urban forest, eleven miles of wild beauty called Bidwell Park. It is the heart and soul of our community here. There is a canyon with a river running through it, wandering trails, delicious swimming holes.....and in the back of one's mind, hope of spotting an otter, deer, coyote, gray fox, or mountain lion! No matter what, I am always dreaming awake, lost in details such as moss and wildflowers, moving water, and lofty trees. Birdwatching in itself, is a noble pursuit.

Art has given me permission to focus on beauty. It has brought me closer to my fellow humans, and to the smallest of living things. After getting a degree in art, it was my excuse to travel, to experience the new, a reason to search for meaning or inspiration. I lived in five different cities through my twenties, often not finding time to create or develop a rhythm in my work.

Suddenly, life took my breath away as I fell in love and married a woodworker named Anthony Montoya. We created a life together, he built a studio for me and at last, I know what it is to be a working artist, it is a daydream, which I get to step into everyday.

My work is centered around living things, such as a favorite bird, local landscape, or tree. Many of the acrylic paintings, become part of a larger, collaged panel or frame. This allows me to work with other materials, such as handmade paper from Nepal and Japan, dried leaves and wildflowers, beautiful tacks made from copper, brass, and steel, and leather.

I hope that you find my work interesting, and have a chance to daydream with me!

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